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“Probably the most valuable tool for any maintenance program is
the knowledge and experience gained by individuals performing themaintenance. Every effort should be made to retain competent,
knowledgeable, and experienced individuals in these positions not
only from the standpoint of instituting and executing a good
maintenance program, but for future road planning needs as well”.

PCN as a regular supplier of road maintenance services to the major haulingcoal roads understood that the successful implementation of an unsealed roads maintenance intervention strategy is not a precise science and is highlydependent on achieving ownership of the strategy by the implementation crew and more consultation with experienced is needed to maximize the localknowledge and experience that already exist, to understand the ever-changinginfluences that need to be evaluated on a daily basis.Road Maintenance can be defined as those activities that are intended to maintain the serviceability of a road, due to the deterioration caused by trafficand climate. Every road, no matter how carefully designed and constructed, will deteriorate as a result of traffic movements, climate conditions and the properties of

The main objectives of maintaining a road are to:
Minimize Safety Hazards to Vehicular Traffics
Meet Community Level of Expectations
Provide a good riding surface
Carry heavy traffic load

pavement materials. Regular maintenance is therefore essential to provide thedesired level of service for each road in the network. The main concern of road construction and maintenance is the property of soil with their ability to support the load. Mud and dust are all characteristic of bad road. Most road fail is due to the adsorption of water causing road foundation isnot strong enough. Maintenance operations are classified into reactive maintenance activities thatoccur after identification of the defect and proactive operations, which involve the advanced predictions of future defects.
Generally maintenance activities will be undertaken into 2 categories:

1.Cyclic (Proactive) maintenance comprises of the following          activities Cyclic maintenance grading Drainage maintenance Wear course metalling

2.Periodic (Reactive) maintenance activitiesPeriodic maintenance grading Spot metalling Shape rotation metalling The primary purpose of cyclic maintenance grading is to provide the road user with a safe driving surface through the elimination of corrugations and rutting, retaining a consistent aggregate wearing course and maintaining the pavement crossfall.

Cyclic grading frequencies are influenced by various factors as follows:

•Network demands
•Pavement condition
•Climatic conditions
•Standard of drainage structure
•Community levels of service expectations
Where road sections have deteriorated below the specified level of service between cyclic grading frequencies, which pose a safety hazard or have developed into localized defects, these areas will be addressed independently to scheduled cyclic maintenance grading by the following:
•Periodic maintenance grading scheduled between cyclic grading frequencies.
•Grading in conjunction with spot metalling or shape restoration metalling operations.
PCN strategy on current unsealed road network cyclic maintenance grading in South Kalimantan is managed by dividing the network into the subsection of road to encourage operator ownership, accountability, and ensures a consistent of service level is maintained across the entire of road network. Bench marking is also carried out between subsection focused on operator productivity and quality.