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THE PROBLEMS OF UNSEALED ROADS: Many unsealed roads do not have the ideal range and distribution of particle sizes to give a good load bearing capacity when wet (coarser particles) or sufficient plastic capability (clay) when dry to prevent material from breaking loose. All gravel roads, when dry suffer some surface abrasion loss resulting in dust because, the adhesion between the particles is reduced.

Loose material on the road causes dust that blows away or washes away under heavy rain. Over time, the amount of fine binding soil in the road is reducedand gradually more and larger particles break away. The loose surface becomes
prone to increased dust, pot holes and corrugation, making the road uncomfortable and dangerous to drive upon. The properties of the soil beneath the road structure are mainly concerned. These soil properties, which influence the ability to support load, are determined by the presence of clay minerals. Swelling and shrinkage of clay due to interaction with water causes serious failure like cracking, rutting, depression and subsidence. The properties and behavior of clay in fact depends on the amount and type of constituent minerals. Ongoing maintenance is expensive,and in time the fines are lost and the road deteriorates faster requiring more regular maintenance. To solve those problems, PCN has applied and treated the road with Soil Stabilization.

Why Road Soil Stabilization ?
Reduce Construction Cost for NEW Roads
Reduce Maintenance Cost for EXISTING roads

Key Benefits
Increased Bearing Capacity
Increased Soil Workability
Long term Stabilization
Reduces re-adsorption of Water
Reduces gravel loss
Increase traficability in wet condition

Soil stabilization products as an alternative to paving road is relatively newtechnique of deeply mixing chemical additives into unpaved roadbeds. The benefits of soil stabilization is cost, endurance and repair ability. This work is based on the 1 km long trial installation at the coal loading ports in Batu Licin where stabilization products were applied to the unpaved road (Note: PCN has also successfully applied soil stabilization to the access road of palm oil plantation prior to treating the hauling coal road with soil stabilization for trial installation).

A rigorous evaluation of road treatment performance provided the basis for recommendation to the major hauling coal road regarding improvements to the maintenance practices for gravel roads. Results thus far indicate that the introduction of soil stabilizers through deep mixing is promising and providing cost-effective than maintaining an unpaved road. Therefore, the purpose of this work was to ascertain the feasibility of deeply mixing particular soil stabilization materials into unpaved roadbeds with the intent of maximizing the intervals of time between required maintenance activities.

Road Soil Stabilization is not new technologies, but they are relatively new to Indonesia. With road maintenance costs rising and out of control for moststates, towns and municipalities in these difficult economic times, combined with the severe impact of this past years winter, Environmental Construction Technologies has the right solution at the right time.

With a new breakthrough in environmentally friendly soil stabilization
construction technologies, we can save the road budget 50% or more over asphalt and cement road resurfacing. With our line of RP Soil Stabilization Systems, we can convert any type of road soil composition into a high quality completely waterproof surface that will significantly reduce your construction and maintenance costs.

Soil Stabilization is non-toxic and environmentally safe.